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Sound Funeral
by Fractal, 2023
#sound art##animal##writing#
These unique encounters became a way of social support and validation. Sound as an omnipresent and uncloseable source of vibrations, reconnects humans with the rhythms and cycles of nature, and in a sense, promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of living beings.
Darkside of the Wave
Ccru archive
#abstract culture##cybernetics##archive#
Following the cyclical exhaustion of the first cyberspace boom artificial winter set in throughout the capitalist world. Investors’ ‘animal spirits’ retreat and the shadows of the Yin World stir. The high-magicians of demand management try to prevent the new economy from sliding into darkness, but it is already too late for that. Even as the shadows thicken something unimaginable is arriving from the edges of the world.